Under the redwoods, reading about Edward Bernay

The word “masses” pisses me off.  Image


2 responses to “Under the redwoods, reading about Edward Bernay”

  1. ruffsoft says :

    Ok, I realize I don’t know how to actually get published and so no one is reading it. It reminds me of the exercise at a seminar in which we would wander around blind asking: are you the missing god? When the group leader said: ok, time’s up, I opened my eyes and found myself facing a wall. Everyone else had found the missing God but me.

    I have concluded there is no missing God. The universe in and of itself is either the missing God (in which case you can’t not run into it and you are part of it) or there is no need for a God in the first place. Nothing is missing. Life is complete. See: free wisdom; no one hears. Once again, I am facing the empty wall.

  2. ruffsoft says :

    ok, now you are replying to yourself; that is as mad as interrogating an blank wall: are YOU the missing God?

    Is this what madness is: a dialogue between parts of a missing Whole?

    And yet……………………………………..

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